Transparent Pad Hydrosorb Comfort Hydrophobic Gel 7.5 x 10 cm item

Transparent Pad Hydrosorb Comfort Hydrophobic Gel 7.5 x 10 cm item

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Hydrosorb Comfort hinge pads from Hartmann are transparent and remain so throughout the application, allowing a safe assessment of the wound condition at any time. Hydrogel gel absorbent patch with semipermeable microbial-proof coating. Immediately secures a balanced wet environment around the trauma due to its high water content (approx. 60%). Hartmann's Hydrosorb Comfort overhangs accelerate the granulation and epithelialization process, have excellent biocompatibility and shock protection. Removed without irritation. For secure fastening and protection against microbial penetration, the Hydrosorb comfort patch has an outline of hypoallergenic adhesive membrane.

For wet wound healing, especially for the treatment of wounds that do not show a clinical picture of infection, granulation and epitheliosis, in the case of leg ulcers or spasms. For the treatment of burns of up to grade 2 as well as for accelerating the re-epithelialization of bone marrow partial graft areas after the required hemostasis. The graduated removable membrane allows easy monitoring of the wound development.

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