Transparent Patch Hydrofilm Plus 10 x 20 cm item

Transparent Patch Hydrofilm Plus 10 x 20 cm item

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Hydrofilm plus from Hartmann is a transparent pad with an absorbent layer (gauze).

Hydrofilm plus are self-adhesive transparent wound dressings with an absorbent layer that comes in contact with the wound without adhering to it. With a semi-permeable polyurethane film impermeable to microbes and water. Transparency allows tracking of the area around the trauma as well as the amount of absorbed exudate. With hypoallergenic adhesive, they are removed without irritation.


For post-operative treatment of slightly exudative wounds, as protection from secondary infections but also for sterile treatment of minor injuries. The Hydrofilm Plus waterproof patch thanks to its transparent, thin film and absorbent core is securely laid and highly skin-friendly.

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