Digas Frontida : Distributor of Medi North Greece


The company Digas Care is pleased to present you the specialized compression products of the leading German company Medi. Medi has been specialized in the manufacture of compression socks, sleeves and gloves for the treatment of lymphoidoma, as well as the manufacture of socks for the treatment of all venous conditions as a whole.

Digas Frontida : Exclusive distributor Lipoelastic for Greece


The company Digas Care is the exclusive representative of post-surgical Lipoelastic plastic surgery for all of Greece.

These are post-operative plastic and aesthetic surgical garments of high standards that are the first in sales in Europe and thirds worldwide.

Lipoelastic means compressed garments of the highest quality with careful design.

Why choose Lipoelastic Compression Clothing?

The scary word gynecomastia


Enlargement of breast tissue, also known as gynecomastia, is a hormonal imbalance affecting more and more men. Surgical removal became a common plastic surgery. Peter (32) has a personal experience and decided to share his feelings with us before and after the operation.

Recovery period after a surgery can be very uncomfortable. Be careful when choosing your postoperative garments!


Thirty-year-old mum Veronica felt upset about the size of her breasts for a long time. At the end of last year she finally decided to make her dream come true and she has undergone an augmentation. What was her worry beforehand and what was her experience like? How does she look back at the surgery and recovery period? Read her whole story that she shares with you.

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