Incidin Liquid 5 lit

Incidin Liquid 5 lit

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Spray for quick disinfection of small surfaces (tablets, cuspidor, counters, handles, etc.). Ideal for use between patients. It has a pleasant odor and excellent compatibility with the materials (plastic, metal, and hardened lacquered surfaces alcohols).

Active ingredient per 100 g: 35g 2-propanol, 25g 1-propanol.
Rapid decontamination according to VAH: 5 minutes.
Active against: fungi, bacteria, tuberculosis, HIV, HBV, Vaccinia, Rota, Adeno, Papova.
Certified by the German link VAH (Association for Applied Hygiene) CE 0297.
Suggested use: Spray from a distance of about 30cm, directly on the surfaces and allow to dry themselves.

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